Sunday, October 23, 2011

Going away (again)

Good evening, guys.
First of all, I'm going on a week-long school trip tonight at 1AM so I just wanted to inform you that as I won't have an Internet connection I won't be able to post during that period.
A little info about the trip itself (taken from the program's site):

 The Masa Yisraeli - The Spirit of Israel Experience Program
The Journey starts with a 2-days hike in nature, including sleeping out-doors, walking alone for part of the hike, cooking together, and carrying out group-missions. It then continues with a day in a community throughout Israel where the students are getting to know the community, and volunteering in different sites in the place. On the next days the students are visiting Tanach sites, learning about the rise of the state of Israel, and finish the Journey with a touching, enthusiastic Shabbat in Jerusalem, including visiting the Western Wall and taking part in a traditional Shabbat.

It's supposed to be all Zionist and stuff but nobody cares about that because it will just be fun (hopefully).

 Secondly, I was thinking about writing about a different topic every week, so tell me what you think and write any suggestions in the comments - I'll check 'em when I get back.



DRose said...

that sounds like a nice trip, have fun!

Rubes27 said...

Dude that sounds awesome! I've always wanted to go to Israel, my old temple takes a trip once a year but I never have the time.

Dallv. said...

again and again and again lol

supremedenim said...

good luck on ur tripp

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